FullKitchen - Brand Identity

FullKitchen is a food delivery startup in Los Angeles that aims to fix the broken system of food delivery. Their mission is to solve the problems that generate the unaffordable costs charged to restaurants, drivers, and consumers. I designed the first vehicle wrap for the company, an important project as it would be a permanent form of long term marketing that communicates the brand to the consumer. However, they did not have a clear brand identity to work with, which is a goal of an effective vehicle wrap design. Thus, this project's focus went from designing a vehicle wrap to creating a brand identity that could be used on all of their product and marketing material.

Branding, Graphic Design
10 days in April, 2020

The challenge: Design a vehicle wrap in 10 days

Designing a great vehicle wrap requires an understanding of the brand. The amount of impressions that a marketing vehicle generates over it's life is massive, so it's vital to communicate the right message and be visually identifiable.

Bite Squad (left) visual design is easily identifiable, and their branding is consistent with their app and marketing materials. Peloton (right) has an attractive vehicle wrap that communicates their branding message in a minimal design that is easily remembered and identified.

The problem: Brand identity is unclear

At the start of this project, FullKitchen was without a clear brand identity. After interviewing the stakeholder, I discovered three design goals for their van and for their brand: Make it playful, feature staple foods, and make it "LA". I'm not from LA, this is just my interpretation.

L.A.-inspired Moodboard
"What makes you think of LA?" - Reddit and Quora gripes

The concept: Playful iconography of food and LA landmarks

Each icon was made for this project
Left side of van
Back of van - LA skyline, traffic, and smog near the exhaust.

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